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Lady Gaga Female Harlequin by AccordingToSheblum

Sheerly, I have to say that this looks absolutely amazing! There is just one thing that I need to suggest. From what I can see, the bac...

Random from Stuff for meee XD

Wonderful pieces that wonderful artists made for me!!! :D


Traditional Commissions
Chanukah Request Night 1 Relax My Creator... by HinataFox790
The Demon Angel And His Kitten by HinataFox790
Having Troubles? by HinataFox790
Modern Black Butler OCs... by HinataFox790
Lionsdale Manor Staff by HinataFox790
Pizza Time! Yeah! by HinataFox790
These commissions will be done with pencil, outlines with a sharpie/thin sharpie, and colored with colored pencils. Please let me know If you only want a sketch or just an outline. Otherwise, I am just going to assume that you want the full traditional color. All examples that you see are examples of all three. Pictures 3 & 6 are sketches/pencil drawn only. Picture 5 is outlined with a sharpie. Pictures 1, 2 & 4 are sketched, outlined & full colored. These pieces will be quick for me to do. I have a process for digital which is why they take a little longer than traditional. So, if you don't like to wait, then my traditional commissions are the way to go! So, fire away! :D
Anything you want
The Hate In Her Eyes by HinataFox790
I Missed You, My Roomie by HinataFox790
Art Trade: Balance Between Light And Dark by HinataFox790
TTOK Sheera Story Mashup by HinataFox790
Naga!Loki Art Trade by HinataFox790
Steve Fox by HinataFox790
I can pretty much draw anything if I set my mind to it accept for Mechs and complicated animals. I'm making these cheap. Please bare with me when I work on these. Commission away! :D
Reference Sheets
Naga Ruka by HinataFox790
Naga Sheera Reference Sheet by HinataFox790
Nickolaz Reference sheet by HinataFox790
I am accepting Reference Sheet Commissions! If you are going to commission me, PLEASE keep in mind that you have to be patient and bare with me. However, I will get your reference sheet commission done. All reference sheets will have a white background. I do have a right to decline a commission if I feel that I can't draw what you request. PLEASE include references of the requested character so I can have a view and draw it.

Stuff I owe DA Users and What is Owed to me

If I owe you something and you are not on here, note me and let me know.


Users I owe :points:

Money I owe for commissions

:icongeekgirl8: Awaiting price quotes

:iconusako-chan: Fully Paid

:iconashfantastic: Price Quote Received. Playing the waiting game until her commissions open so I can buy the plushie commission slot on her etsy. (Even though she no longer takes commissions, a few slots do/may open up on ocassion)


:iconxelanesque: 3 of His Selected OCs having a fight. (My half done, awaiting his half.)

Stuff that users owe me

:iconrenee-niels: two :points: commissions already paid

:icongreasermelons: :points: commission already paid

:iconmousealchemist: Sylveon plushie. I paid you.






HinataFox790 has started a donation pool!
4,192 / 30,000
I will be using some of these points on a premium membership til hell freezes over status. I would also like to point commission others here on DA as well. I will also use them on others. I really could use some donations. If your page says "do not beg" then I won't do that. I would like some points to help me reach the goal that I am aiming for. PLEASE DONATE.


I am only able to buy points when I have a good amount of leftover change to transfer to my banking account which is NOT VERY OFTEN. on the day 12/16/2011 I made my first purchase of 400 points because I had a good amount of leftover money to place into my banking account. Same thing for the day 12/17/2011. Like I said, I can't always buy points which is why I am asking for donations. I may donate to some during my saving of points if I feel it's necessary. I'll give to others. But, don't spam me asking for points.

ALSO, I recently made some point adoptables. I am making them VERY cheap at only 5 points each.… And I will also critique to the best of my ability for points.


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Calmed Down. Updates

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 22, 2014, 1:09 PM

| My Tumblr | Read My Doujinshi "Narcissus Smiled" here! |
Lady Ciel Stamp by K-HimeFall into my Arms by Kittybaka-chan

Hey guys, it's been a while. I have calmed down. You want to know what happened? Here is my previous journal.… You'll find the answer there.

NOW, for the updates.

Concerning Nintendo World, Kinokuniya Bookstore and Chinatown NY Runs, I need to lay down some more rules. I need to save my money.
So, if you want to purchase something from me, YOU MUST FOLLOW ALL THESE RULES.

1. Agree with the price of the product.

2. Agree to also pay for shipping (It varies depending on where you are), the bubble mailer and the Travel Fee. Right now, the travel fee is $5. However, if it is tourist season, the fee will be a little more. Reason being, I have to endure crowds of tourists and also it will be slower because of the meandering.

3. I will NOT buy your products until I receive the payment. I accept Money Orders or Well concealed cash (Sent at your own risk. I am NOT responsible for lost payment) Which are for U.S. Citizens ONLY. PayPal is the payment method for EVERYONE whether it be international or in the U.S. I will need to wait about 3-4 business days for the money from PayPal to transfer into my account. Once the money is transferred into my bank account, I will then fulfill my obligations to go and get your stuff. If there is a sold out product, I will refund you UNLESS if there is a second choice product that you had in mind.


Concerning trades


1. YOU MUST have something of equal value for the product(s).

2. If you are wanting multiple items, I will be getting your product(s), however, I will have to get them one at a time per week. I will start with the cheapest plushie/product that you want. I need to save my money, so it has to be done this way. I'm sorry, but my mother is wanting me to seriously save my money and this is what we could honestly agree to in terms of trades. She is still reluctant about it, so PLEASE BARE WITH ME.

3. (APPLIES TO TRAINER SIZED KALOS POKEMON PLUSHIES ONLY) I found a new way to ship off these plushies. I will be using Large Plastic Mailers. HOWEVER, since these guys are big, I will need to request that you pay for shipping them. Reason being, THEY'RE BIG AND EXPENSIVE.




2. I MUST ASK THAT YOU PAY FOR SHIPPING THEM. Once again, I need to save my money and I believe this is only fair since I'll only be able to see your part here on DA. (Yes, I have FB & Weasyl, but I DO NOT have Tumblr nor will I get one right now because I have various accounts and I don't want to be overwhelmed.)


I am sorry, but I need to save my money and my mother is starting to feel like she needs to take part of my paycheck and put it into an account that I have NO access to. So, PLEASE try to understand.

Second, Since my first individual Black Butler contest got 12 entries, I WILL be hosting another Black Butler Contest in July in honor of my Black Butler OC Zara's birthday. Her birthday is July 27th. So the next Black Butler Contest will be BIRTHDAY THEMED. I will make a journal about this at the beginning of July.

Third, I have made a new widget on my profile titled,

"My Birthday, Wednesday July 30th 2014"

This is because I pay for almost everything that I commission. I feel like I don't ask for much and that my birthday should be a day where I don't pay for anything.... THE TOP TOP TOP THING ON MY LIST WHICH IS SOMETHING I LOVE AND WANT THE MOST IS: A Digitally drawn and colored piece of Sebastian from Black Butler hugging my Black Butler OC, Zara Lionsdale (the one in the middle of this provided reference) Art Trade: Balance Between Light And Dark by HinataFox790 I seriously don't ask for much and I would appreciate it if I could get this as a Birthday present... Please...

Finally, APPRECIATION HAS BEEN COMING TO ME. I have received some Drawings of appreciation and having the opportunity to request the piece that I have been wanting since my last journal entry. Check them out:

Sebastian And Zara - Embracing by VampireCatz -REQUEST- Shh,everything's alright,my Mistress... by SaramicaW508 Sebastian and Zara hug by Sherly97 Sebastian And Zara by BVB-AnimeLover Sebastian And Zara (Closer Up) by BVB-AnimeLover Hug:GIFT: by computerwar [Request] Sebastian and Zara by gyth852741 Sebastian and Zara Request for HinataFox790 by InLoveWithYaoi [REQUEST] Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji by ScarletBunni Request|Sebastian and Zara by 2KAoNashi [RQ] Hug~ by SouLdeLust T.A Request 3 by jettnight But, Master! by RaInBoWbOwDrAgOnLoRd HinataFox790 Request by MarHero Request for HinataFox790 by Socoolgirl94 Sebastian and Zara by MonsterDarkestdesire (WIP) Request ~ Sebastian and Zara by Octava-szayelaporro [Request] Sebastian and Zara by conxervation (Hugging position couldn't be done, but still awesome) One Hell Of A Hugger by shadowandme0215 Request 31 by HellAngelWolfRevenge Zara and Sebastian by Inui-Purrl Commission by maru-redmore Hug (Art Trade) by Sherly97 (THIS WAS AN ART TRADE, BUT IT IS SOMETHING I RECEIVED FOR IN EXCHANGE FOR DRAWING SOMETHING FOR THIS WONDERFUL USER) REQUEST:Hinatafox790 by FJNEanimelover For HinataFox790 by littleprincefinn Rest on my shoulder and sleep by Sakura-ShinRa (WIP) Request -  HinataFox790 by Idioturi Request #1 (unfinished) by TheCrazyMapleCat (Unfinished) Request: BB OC + Sebastian by Forbidden-rice Hug! by Bluthner For HinataFox790 (Request) by EmarieChi Request 013 by princesspokegirl Request for HinataFox790 (Done) by Pretty-Marth Request  5 by atska100 Black butler request work by SummeryMints Sebastian and Zara (request) by mariamadel [REQUEST] - Zara and Sebastian by ERRORAkumaChan 03 - Request HinataFox790 by AnekiName Mine by NairoviCastroToribio Request for Hinatafox790 by anmaai R: Hug? by CornersOfReality Sebastian and Zara by ShaniceTJN Comission: Sebas-chan and Zara Lionsdale by RainbowCrusher

This one is a bonus. It's not Black Butler, but it is a piece of my wonderful OC, Sheera in her Naga Form snuggled up with my favorite OC of geekgirl8 Kenneth. I seriously love and adore him! Treetop Snuggle by geekgirl8

I will add others to this journal (if this journal is still up) once they are uploaded.


Thank you guys so very much for making all of these WONDERFUL pieces for me! I love them and I love you guys!

That's all for now! PEACE!

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Ciel Phantomhive and Sebastian Michaelis from Kuroshitsuji Yana Toboso


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
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Favourite style of art: Japanese Anime and Manga
Wallpaper of choice: Anything with Horses, Foxes, Anime and Manga
Shell of choice: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Shell!! XD

Which Kuroshitsuji Character Would You Date?
Which Kuroshitsuji Character Would You Date?
Hosted By Anime

What Kuroshitsuji Character Are You?
What Kuroshitsuji Character Are You?
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What Anime Personality Are You?
What Anime Personality Are You?
Hosted By Anime


1 deviant said It's a group dedicated to RPing AND Art of Kuroshitsuji! I'll join! (SPREAD THE WORD)
1 deviant said I'm trying to help this wonderful group grow! I'll join! (SPREAD THE WORD)
1 deviant said Seriously, don't vote on choice number 3 if you're not going to comment on this poll. It aggrivates me. -_-

My Birthday, Wednesday July 30th 2014

I feel like I pay for everything...... Honestly, I would REALLY want my birthday to be a day where I DO NOT have to pay... MY Birthday is Wednesday July 30th 2014. Here are some things that I would LOVE to have for my birthday.

A digital drawing of Sebastian from Black Butler hugging my Black Butler OC, Zara Lionsdale. (The one in the middle of the reference) Art Trade: Balance Between Light And Dark by HinataFox790 THIS IS A LOVE AND BIG BIG WANT!

A Sebastian Michaelis Plushie from Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler from a plushinista that I have not commissioned or traded with yet. THIS IS A LIKE TO RECEIVE, BUT THE BIG WANT IS THE TOP ONE.

Nintendo World Runs Process and Rules

Nintendo World runs

For Purchases

1. You have to send the required payment in full. Unless we can negotiate something. Otherwise, FULL PAYMENT PLEASE.

2.You have to pay for shipping.

3. You have to agree to pay a $5 fee. This is because I take public transportation to Nintendo World and it's NOT free.

4. Once I purchased your NW merchandise, absolutely NO REFUNDS.

For Trades

1. If you're willing to offer a company-made plushie/merchandise that is of equal value to the requested merchandise AND it is something I am interested in, I'm in. I also accept custom-made plushie(s) as well, but I have to look through your gallery to see what you can do. Quality is also a particular thing with me. So, if I don't accept your proposed trade, PLEASE do not take it personally. I also accept other forms of art trades (like digital pieces or anything related). HOWEVER, I am even more strict on the quality of the digital art or related. So, as I said before, if I don't accept your proposed trade, PLEASE DO NOT TAKE IT PERSONALLY.

2. We pay for our own shipping. Basically, I pay to ship your stuff off to you and you pay to ship my stuff to me. If I accept your digital art/related proposal, I will figure something out.

3. If we do a trade, there will be no $5 fee. This is because I will be getting something I want from the trade.

4. Once a trade has been confirmed, there is no turning back. If you feel like you can't make something or you can't give up something, you will have to Offer me something else of equal value to my half of the trade. If it's a custom plushie trade, tell me 5 characters/styles that you would be willing to plushify for me. PLEASE keep my interests in mind. I am NOT a brony. Yes, I watch mlp fim and I do commission ponies from time to time if it is something I'm really gunning for. Ask me my interests before choosing your 5 characters/styles. Otherwise, you can switch to purchasing the merchandise, pay for shipping and pay the $5 fee.

Things to Keep in Mind

Requests/Art Trades/Commissions

Requests are ONLY OPENED FOR FRIENDS ONLY. This means you have to get to know me/watch me for a period of time. if you are someone who just happened to come on my page and you post a comment or note me asking for a request and you can't give me :points:, then you get ONE and ONLY ONE request. After that, you have to :points: commission me. I also offer requests to people if I feel the need to. :iconrequestfriendsonly:

Commissions are opened, but I can turn down one if I feel I can't draw it. But if you like my style and you want me to try to draw something I never drew before, I may make an exception. :iconpointcommissionsopen:

Art Trades are opened to a certain extent. If you know me personally or a good while here on DA, then sure we can do one. :icontradesopen:

If you are new to me, before you ask for an art trade, look at my stuff. If you are willing to trust in me and my art style, then okay, we can do one.


I have a lot of stuff for sale at the moment! Come on in, take a look around and if your interested in something Please comment! :D

The only forms of payment I can accept are Well-Concealed Cash (BUT PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THAT YOU ARE SENDING IT AT YOUR OWN RISK. I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE IF THE MONEY GETS LOST IN THE MAIL.) and Money Order.

I cannot accept Paypal because I do not have one due to the fact that I had a bad experience with it. Speaking of which, I do not want any comments on this deviation saying "You should get a Paypal account, It's So Easy, Come on, get one" or anything to that extent. I stand by what I say.

If you purchase anything $15.00 or over, your shipping is free.

:thumb261849207: :thumb275152032: :thumb278695889: :thumb277645933:

Pokemon Plushies For Sale by HinataFox790 Pokemon Plushies For Sale 2 by HinataFox790 Regular Plushie Pony For Sale by HinataFox790

Comics For Sale by HinataFox790 Comics For Sale 2 by HinataFox790 Comics For Sale 3 by HinataFox790 Comics For Sale 4 by HinataFox790

Comics For Sale 5 by HinataFox790 Comics for Sale 6 by HinataFox790 Comics for Sale Final by HinataFox790 Take Me Home "Sad Face" by HinataFox790

Empty Pokemon Tin For Sale by HinataFox790 Original MLP Rainbow Dash Plush For Sale by HinataFox790 More Pokemon Plushies FOR SALE by HinataFox790 Other Plushies FOR SALE by HinataFox790 Comic for sale by HinataFox790


Users I want to commish or win plushies from in the Near Future

:iconashfantastic: :iconbeanchan: :iconchibi-katie: :iconcraftybird: :iconfox7xd: :icongamef0x: :iconkitamon: :iconlexiipantz: :iconluciuslawliet: :iconrobo-shark: :iconmeip: :iconpatchwork-shark: :iconmiharuthekunoichi: :iconmoonlightxangel268: :iconmysticproductions: :iconneon-juma: :iconnikicus: :iconshadottie: :iconpeacefluffles: :iconwhittykitty: :iconrenealexa: :icons2plushies: :iconsaiyamewome: :iconsariti: :iconsengster: :iconyukizeal: :iconzmagicstorm: :iconwhimzicalwhizkerz: :iconthrenodi: :iconsakkysa: :iconcaffwin: :iconplushprincess: :iconsophillia: :iconpiplup501: :iconsweetplushiecake: :iconmihijime:

If I watch you and you are a plushinista and do not see yourself on here let me know!

The Sweetest Piece

[COMM] Sleep, my Mistress by Keiiaru…

:iconkeiiaru: is seriously a high quality artist who is seriously off the charts in talent! I commissioned this piece from him and I love it to pieces! :love:



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Kleiner-Schmetterlin 4 hours ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
thank you for the fav x3!
LilGothWithAPencil 19 hours ago  Student General Artist
Okie Dokie! Request is done! lilgothwithapencil.deviantart.…
hope you like it!
thank you for the fave 
Deepluver2 2 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks :+fav:! :huggle:
Beautiful-BASSY-Kat 2 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Honey...I love you. I REALLY REALLY do...but please stop messaging me like five hundred times...sometimes I am just busy...yes I saw you renewed my premi and I thank you deeply but it is hard to be really appreciative when you look and there is message after message about it...I WILL get to you I will NOT forget I SWEAR to you...I know you are paranoid about this kinda thing but are blowing up my inbox...I love know that...but please...calm down...just because I take more than two minutes to respond doesn't mean I forgot... *hugs* I handle things first come first's only fair...I merely ask you patiently wait your turn...I love you...I do...a lot...and I thank you for doing so much for me, it really isn't necessary...
HinataFox790 2 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
But if I may ask, you said that today was a sure day that we could continue... I only have a day and a half left of spring break left before i go back to work... I was looking forward to RPing with you while i was off... I know my insecurity got the best of me and I am sincerely sorry, but since you said that today was a sure day, can we please continue? Please? A response is requested.
Beautiful-BASSY-Kat 1 day ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Hun, it is fine, I am babysitting today and don't have have much time for role plays. Sorry for the confusion. 
HinataFox790 1 day ago  Hobbyist General Artist
I love you to pieces sweetie. Would tonight/tomorrow be good if you don't mind me asking? 
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