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Art Trade: A Girl Beyond Innocence by HinataFox790 Art Trade: A Girl Beyond Innocence :iconhinatafox790:HinataFox790 6 3 Ocs   Hinatafox790   Sebastian And Zara By Che Rrr by HinataFox790 Ocs Hinatafox790 Sebastian And Zara By Che Rrr :iconhinatafox790:HinataFox790 15 0 Art Trade: Getting Splatty With It by HinataFox790 Art Trade: Getting Splatty With It :iconhinatafox790:HinataFox790 4 3 Art Trade: Playing With Cats 2018 by HinataFox790 Art Trade: Playing With Cats 2018 :iconhinatafox790:HinataFox790 7 5 Art Trade: Reaper Mist by HinataFox790 Art Trade: Reaper Mist :iconhinatafox790:HinataFox790 9 3 Sebastian and Zara 2018 by HinataFox790 Sebastian and Zara 2018 :iconhinatafox790:HinataFox790 4 2 AT: SemeXUke Hypnosis by HinataFox790 AT: SemeXUke Hypnosis :iconhinatafox790:HinataFox790 6 5 Art Trade: Sister Sister by HinataFox790 Art Trade: Sister Sister :iconhinatafox790:HinataFox790 3 4    1 By Koshechka Ninja-dbxn862 by HinataFox790 1 By Koshechka Ninja-dbxn862 :iconhinatafox790:HinataFox790 11 3 Secret Santa: Fearsome Foursome by HinataFox790 Secret Santa: Fearsome Foursome :iconhinatafox790:HinataFox790 13 7 Art Trade: A Villa To Behold by HinataFox790 Art Trade: A Villa To Behold :iconhinatafox790:HinataFox790 3 2 Art Trade: The Earl And The Butterfly by HinataFox790 Art Trade: The Earl And The Butterfly :iconhinatafox790:HinataFox790 6 1 Holiday Gift: TimeRunner by HinataFox790 Holiday Gift: TimeRunner :iconhinatafox790:HinataFox790 8 8
Naga Kenny To The Rescue!
Sheera Grayfire was walking through the jungle one day to visit her sweet naga friend, Kenny. She was carrying a bag full of star apple fruit along with a star apple fruit pie she baked just for him. Someone was indeed observing her movements. He was someone Sheera never encountered before. He looked hungry and saw her. He was indeed a snake anthro. His scales were black with red stripes. His eyes were yellow. He needed something to eat and it looked like Sheera could fill him for a week or two. He slithered down the trees licking his lips. He noticed Sheera's ears twitching in danger and he went back up hiding but still observing as Sheera turned around to see nothing. Sheera shrugged and continued to walk.
Soon the unknown predator had an idea. He smirked and slithered a little farther ahead of Sheera. He found the perfect spot that was far away from Sheera and a few feet away from Kenny's usual spot. He then placed his hand over his right eye and began to hiss in loud agony making i
:iconhinatafox790:HinataFox790 4 11
Black Butler Color Finalized by Junior by HinataFox790 Black Butler Color Finalized by Junior :iconhinatafox790:HinataFox790 18 5
Literature Art Trade: VistaliaxErhard
One day in a peaceful meadow a little bit of feet away from Reveria Kingdom, there was a young lady who appeared in her early 20's named Vistalia Laine, was seen fast walking into a field of beautiful flowers. She sat down and started to caress the flowers. She liked how they smelled and felt in her fingers.
A few hours passed and soon enough, she got up, dusted herself off and went back to the castle due to her beloved, Erhard Klein returning from quite a long journey. She was absolutely excited to see him. She really did adore him and he did adore her. She went back to her room in the castle to change clothes. As she did so, Erhard arrived at the castle on his noble steed. The steed was as brown as the earth's floring topped with a mane and tail as black as the midnight sky. The beauty of this horse was topped off with a thin, white line down it's forehead. As they were in front of the bridge leading into the castle, he hopped off his horse and tied him to a pole by the castle. He th
:iconhinatafox790:HinataFox790 2 2


Sheerly, I have to say that this looks absolutely amazing! There is just one thing that I need to suggest. From what I can see, the bac...

Random from Stuff for meee XD

Zara Request by PockyQueen132 Zara Request :iconpockyqueen132:PockyQueen132 2 2 Request Sebastian and Zara by sonic-chic1 Request Sebastian and Zara :iconsonic-chic1:sonic-chic1 3 3 Request: Zara x Sebastian by chbi-otaku Request: Zara x Sebastian :iconchbi-otaku:chbi-otaku 5 3 [Commission] Sebastian and Zara by Dieliala [Commission] Sebastian and Zara :icondieliala:Dieliala 4 5 Sebastian and Zara by LilGothWithAPencil Sebastian and Zara :iconlilgothwithapencil:LilGothWithAPencil 4 4 Sebastian and Zara by LupeSamaPhantomhive Sebastian and Zara :iconlupesamaphantomhive:LupeSamaPhantomhive 4 5 an OC and a butler by grassfur101 an OC and a butler :icongrassfur101:grassfur101 3 0 REQUEST for HinataFox790 by Samantha484 REQUEST for HinataFox790 :iconsamantha484:Samantha484 1 5 For HinataFox790 free sketch of Zara by HAYMAKERS For HinataFox790 free sketch of Zara :iconhaymakers:HAYMAKERS 1 0 [Rq] When the time comes. by sector19 [Rq] When the time comes. :iconsector19:sector19 4 4 Request Nb50 by hmeyra-ruveyda Request Nb50 :iconhmeyra-ruveyda:hmeyra-ruveyda 10 11 Commission for HinataFox790 by KurunaGirl Commission for HinataFox790 :iconkurunagirl:KurunaGirl 3 2 Aqua-Mizuno 7 by stephdumas Aqua-Mizuno 7 :iconstephdumas:stephdumas 2 3 As you wish... by Xx-Syaoran-kun-xX As you wish... :iconxx-syaoran-kun-xx:Xx-Syaoran-kun-xX 40 10 Commission for HinataFox790 by Lily-Draws Commission for HinataFox790 :iconlily-draws:Lily-Draws 82 16 Sebastian Michaelis - Black Butler by Catsdiphe Sebastian Michaelis - Black Butler :iconcatsdiphe:Catsdiphe 6 2
Wonderful pieces that wonderful artists made for me!!! :D

Companies Do This All The Time..

I have been questioned as to why I need to see examples from certain series, my forum posting was put on an art commission group journal where it listed people to be wary of who to offer services to and I was also cursed at as to why I need to see an example from a certain series. The group journal and the cursing were unprofessional, rude and hurtful. Companies such as Riot of League of Legends ALWAYS asks for specific examples all the time and they don't get questioned or interrogated as to why they need to see specific examples. I don't care if it is a company and that's why. Individuals should have just as equal of a right to ask to see specific examples from a certain series as companies do.



Mini Headshot Sketch 50
MinI Headshot Sketch
Mini Headshot Sketch 100
Mini headshot commission 
Traditional Colored
Sketched, then outline with microperm pens and then colored. These will have NO BACKGROUNDS.
Random Style
This would vary and would result in either a sketch, outline, color, digital outline or digital color. I choose the style result therefore making it the cheapest.
Traditional Sketch
These commissions will be done with pencil, outlines with a sharpie/thin sharpie, and colored with colored pencils. Please let me know If you only want a sketch or just an outline. Otherwise, I am just going to assume that you want the full traditional color. All examples that you see are examples of all three. Pictures 3 & 6 are sketches/pencil drawn only. Picture 5 is outlined with a sharpie. Pictures 1, 2 & 4 are sketched, outlined & full colored. These pieces will be quick for me to do. I have a process for digital which is why they take a little longer than traditional. So, if you don't like to wait, then my traditional commissions are the way to go! So, fire away! :D
Traditional Outline
    Will be sketching then outlining with microperm pens making the lines cleaner.
Digital Clored No Background
Will be sketched & outlined. I will then take a picture with my camera, upload it on to my computer and then I will make the lines cleaner and coloring it in Gimp. I can pretty much draw anything if I set my mind to it accept for Mechs and complicated animals. I'm making these cheap. Please bare with me when I work on these. Commission away! :D
Digital Colored with Background
Same process as Digital Colored with No Background, but I will add a color background to this one. Shading and shine is included in this commission. The price has increased due to the improvement. If you are going to commission me, PLEASE keep in mind that you have to be patient and bare with me. However, I will get your commission done. I do have a right to decline a commission if I feel that I can't draw what you request.

Stuff I owe DA Users and What is Owed to me

If I owe you something and you are not on here, note me and let me know.


Users I owe :points:

Money I owe for commissions

:icongeekgirl8: Awaiting price quotes

:iconashfantastic: Price Quote Received. Playing the waiting game until her commissions open so I can buy the plushie commission slot on her etsy. (Even though she no longer takes commissions, a few slots do/may open up on ocassion)


:iconxelanesque: 3 of His Selected OCs having a fight. (My half done, awaiting his half.)

Stuff that users owe me

:iconrenee-niels: two :points: commissions already paid

:iconxgoldenlocks: :points: commission already paid


Request for @HinataFox790 by Liacchi01 Request for @HinataFox790 :iconliacchi01:Liacchi01 23 6 Wrapped Up In Red (covered version) by fallnangeltears Wrapped Up In Red (covered version) :iconfallnangeltears:fallnangeltears 71 18 Ciel and Sebastian by Chakarakka Ciel and Sebastian :iconchakarakka:Chakarakka 74 9 Sebastian Meets Fem!Sebastian (Colored) by IzaOriharaCrystal Sebastian Meets Fem!Sebastian (Colored) :iconizaoriharacrystal:IzaOriharaCrystal 63 9 Commission by DraculKitten Commission :icondraculkitten:DraculKitten 6 4 Devil's Day 2015 by fallnangeltears Devil's Day 2015 :iconfallnangeltears:fallnangeltears 47 7 [Commission] Sebastian and Zara by sonykisaragi [Commission] Sebastian and Zara :iconsonykisaragi:sonykisaragi 68 14 Zara and Sebastian by Kammy-Tan Zara and Sebastian :iconkammy-tan:Kammy-Tan 1 2



Feb 25, 2018
1:55 am
Feb 25, 2018
1:03 am
Feb 25, 2018
12:34 am
Feb 24, 2018
10:41 pm
Feb 24, 2018
8:46 pm


Art Trade: A Girl Beyond Innocence
I just had to use that title since I saw the reference of the OC.

This is my part of an art trade with :iconkaik-4the-wolfchi: of their sweet OC, Kirimi. Had to blend crayola color pencils for the hair. :XD:

I hope you like it dearie!!! I apologize for the wait! ^^;

Kirimi (c) Kaik-4The-WolfChi

Art (c) Me, HinataFox790
Ocs Hinatafox790 Sebastian And Zara By Che Rrr
I don't want to upload this, but I had permission, but I don't want to be susceptible to attacks.

Commissioned this from :iconche-rrry:

Sebastian Michaelis and Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler (c) Yana Toboso

Zara Lionsdale (c) Me, HinataFox790

Art (c) che-rrry
Art Trade: Playing With Cats 2018
A reboot drawing and art trade for :iconlilyandjasper: featuring Ichimatsu from Osomatsu San & Sebastian Michaelis playing with cats!

Here's the one from 2016:…

I hope you like it dear!

Sebastian Michaelis & Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler (c) Yana Toboso

Ichimatsu & Osomatsu San (c) Fujio Akatsuka

Art (c) Me, HinataFox790
Art Trade: Getting Splatty With It
My part of an art trade with :iconsqueakynoodle: featuring their Inkling OC!

I hope you like it dear!

OC (c) SqueakyNoodle

Splatoon & Splatoon 2 (c) Nintendo

Art (c) Me, :devHinataFox790
Art Trade: Reaper Mist
This is my part of an art trade with :iconmad-hatter-ison:

Some attempts with using a charcoal pencil that went a little out.... XD

I hope you like it dear! ^^

Undertaker & Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler (c) Yana Toboso

Madison (c) Mad-Hatter-ison
Sebastian and Zara 2018
It's been a bit if time... I actually drew this from memory with a tiny reference for a bit of Sebastian's hair.

Seb is holding Zara which is why she doesn't look too amused.

Prisma Color Pencils were used along with a variety of inking/outlining pens.

I'm okay with the result.


Sebastian Michaelis & Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler (c) Yana Toboso

Zara Lionsdale & Art (c) Me, HinataFox790
AT: SemeXUke Hypnosis
My overdue part of an art trade with :iconaionk23: of their OCs, Aion & Kie.

Looks like Aion has complete dominance over his beau. Lol XD

Shading practice was used along with trying to get the glow around the eyes.

Suggestions and tips are welcome, but please nothing rude.

Anyway, I hope you like it buddy!

Aion & Kie (c) AionK23

Art (c) Me, HinataFox790

Employment Dismissal

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 8, 2018, 11:00 AM
I was dismissed. I made errors and then took long on the task at hand when I tried to make fewer errors. I am ashamed of myself. I will commission down the line, but at this point, it will all be on hold except for a few.

I feel like an idiot who will never fit in the work society.

  • Listening to: Silence
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I'm honestly not getting my hopes up. I am honestly just curious about these and would like to see what deviants can do for $1. I am looking for digital (color preferred) human pieces. No animals/anthros or chibis please. Original ONLY. No tracing and no bases.

If you are doing $1 commissions for digital (color preferred) human drawings, please comment the prices, journal, etc. Thanks!

Giveaway Going On!

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 4, 2018, 3:09 PM
GO GO GO!!!…

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HF Has Been Tagged!

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 1, 2018, 3:55 PM
I was tagged by the glorious :icondiabolikloversfeafan:

❥⚬N͟a͟m͟e͟: MJ
❥⚬A͟g͟e͟: 27
❥⚬R͟a͟c͟e͟: Human
❥⚬N͟ationality: Greek, French, Russian & German
❥⚬S͟t͟a͟t͟u͟s͟: Single
❥⚬B͟i͟r͟t͟h͟d͟a͟y͟: July 30th
❥⚬Z͟o͟d͟i͟a͟c͟: Leo (Chinese Zodiac, Horse)
❥⚬H͟a͟i͟r͟ C͟o͟l͟o͟r͟: Dark brown
❥⚬E͟y͟e͟ C͟o͟l͟o͟r͟: Dark Brown
❥⚬H͟a͟v͟e͟ T͟a͟t͟t͟o͟o͟s͟?: no
❥⚬P͟i͟e͟r͟c͟i͟n͟g͟s͟?: Ears Only
❥⚬W͟e͟a͟r͟ G͟l͟a͟s͟s͟e͟s͟?: No, 20/20 vision and hopefully I won't need them til I'm 50. Lol

→ Dσ Yσυ. . .

❥⚬W͟r͟i͟t͟e͟? : Sometimes
❥⚬R͟o͟l͟e͟p͟l͟a͟y͟?: Sometimes
❥⚬S͟i͟n͟g͟?: Yeah, I can carry a tune
❥⚬D͟r͟a͟w͟?: Yes
❥⚬E͟x͟e͟r͟c͟i͟s͟e͟?: I do commute and I walk in my current place of labor.
❥⚬P͟l͟a͟y͟ S͟p͟o͟r͟t͟s͟?: Not all the time, but I love bowling and basketball.
❥⚬D͟a͟n͟c͟e͟?: Yeah, I dance well.
❥⚬R͟e͟a͟d͟?: Manga and anything that captures my fancy.
❥⚬W͟o͟r͟k͟?: Oh yeah.
❥⚬B͟l͟o͟g͟?: I do have a Tumblr blog.
❥⚬D͟r͟i͟n͟k͟?: Only on VERY RARE OCCASIONS.
❥⚬C͟o͟o͟k͟?: I can boil broccoli and fry meat?
❥⚬B͟a͟k͟e͟?: sort of, but wish to learn more if anything.
❥⚬P͟l͟a͟y͟ a͟n͟ I͟n͟s͟t͟r͟u͟m͟e͟n͟t͟?: Used to play the Saxophone

→ Fανσяιтє . . .

❥⚬C͟o͟l͟o͟r͟?: My childhood color was green. Now it's purple, but I love rainbow and pink.
❥⚬A͟n͟i͟m͟a͟l͟?: Horse, Fox, Lion/Lioness
❥⚬B͟o͟o͟k͟?: Manga mostly But there are books that rarely catch my fancy.
❥⚬M͟o͟v͟i͟e͟?: I have a variety. Don't ask. XD
❥⚬A͟n͟i͟m͟e͟?: Alright, here it goes... Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler, Diabolik Lovers, Yuri!!! On Ice, InuYasha, Kamisama Kiss, InuxBoku SS, Naruto, Ai Yori Aoshi, Tokyo Ghoul, My love Story, Azumanga Daioh etc which is a lot.
❥⚬A͟r͟t͟i͟s͟t͟?: Yana Toboso, Rumiko Takahashi, Julietta Suzuki, Masashi Kishimoto, :icongeekgirl8: :iconkonnichibot: :iconprincesshannah: :icongrimmisjohnson81: :iconnoblechinchi: :iconnobletanu: :iconsadisticjackal: :iconokamijake: and many more!
❥⚬S͟o͟n͟g͟?: Points of Authority, Maria, My Way, Last Resort, Monochrome No Kiss, Enamel
❥⚬B͟a͟n͟d͟?: Linkin Park, Green Day, Limp Bizkit, Papa Roach, Sid
❥⚬M͟a͟n͟g͟a͟?: Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler, InuYasha, Kamisama Kiss, InuxBoku SS, Naruto, Ai Yori Aoshi Azumanga Daioh
❥⚬S͟u͟b͟j͟e͟c͟t͟?: English?
❥⚬S͟c͟e͟n͟t͟?: Pine
❥⚬F͟o͟o͟d͟?: Burgers, Fries, Hot Dogs, Pizza, Chicken, Bacon, Chocolate, Mint Chocolate Chip Ice/Ice Cream, Chicken Katsu, Gyoza
❥⚬D͟r͟i͟n͟k͟?: Cherry Coke Slurpee, Diet Coke, Diet Dr. Pepper.
❥⚬Q͟u͟o͟t͟e͟?: "Focus, discipline, devotion to the job, those are the qualities of a good worker."

→ Rσмαи¢є~

❥⚬S͟e͟x͟u͟a͟l͟i͟t͟y͟?: Straight
❥⚬C͟r͟u͟s͟h͟i͟n͟g͟?: Only the men on my profile and icon
❥⚬E͟v͟e͟r͟ G͟e͟t͟ M͟a͟r͟r͟i͟e͟d͟?: Maybe some day
❥⚬H͟a͟v͟e͟ K͟i͟d͟s͟?: No
❥⚬D͟ivorce?: No
❥⚬I͟r͟l͟ o͟r͟ O͟n͟l͟i͟n͟e͟?: N/A

→ Tнιѕ Oя Tнαт

❥⚬T͟e͟a͟ o͟r͟ C͟o͟f͟f͟e͟e͟?: Both for reasons. Each have pros and cons.
❥⚬W͟i͟i͟ o͟r͟ X͟b͟o͟x͟?: Wii
❥⚬H͟a͟r͟r͟y͟ P͟o͟t͟t͟e͟r͟ o͟r͟ Percy Jackson?: Harry Potter
❥⚬F͟l͟o͟w͟e͟r͟s͟ o͟r͟ C͟h͟o͟c͟o͟l͟a͟t͟e͟s͟?: Chocolate
❥⚬M͟o͟n͟e͟y͟ o͟r͟ P͟r͟e͟s͟e͟n͟t͟s͟?: Money
❥⚬G͟a͟m͟e͟ B͟o͟y͟ o͟r͟ D͟S͟?: DS
❥⚬D͟e͟s͟k͟t͟o͟p͟ o͟r͟ L͟a͟p͟t͟o͟p͟?: Laptop
❥⚬C͟o͟u͟n͟t͟r͟y͟ o͟r͟ J͟a͟z͟z͟?: Jazz
❥⚬E͟a͟r͟b͟u͟d͟s͟ o͟r͟ H͟e͟a͟d͟p͟h͟o͟n͟e͟s͟?: Earbuds
❥⚬D͟o͟g͟ o͟r͟ C͟a͟t͟?: Both. Once again, pros and cons
❥⚬S͟o͟d͟a͟ o͟r͟ J͟u͟i͟c͟e͟?: Both. Pros and cons.
❥⚬H͟o͟t͟ T͟o͟p͟i͟c͟ o͟r͟ A͟e͟r͟o͟p͟o͟s͟t͟a͟l͟e͟?: Hot Topic
❥⚬B͟a͟c͟o͟n͟ o͟r͟ S͟a͟u͟s͟a͟g͟e͟?: BOTH
❥⚬M͟u͟f͟f͟i͟n͟ o͟r͟ S͟c͟o͟n͟e͟?: Muffin
❥⚬S͟l͟e͟e͟p͟ o͟r͟ N͟e͟x͟t͟ E͟p͟i͟s͟o͟d͟e͟?: Next episode.

✚ T͟͟A͟͟G͟͟ A͟͟T͟͟ L͟͟E͟͟A͟͟S͟͟T͟͟ 6 P͟͟E͟͟O͟͟P͟͟L͟͟E͟͟ T͟͟O͟͟ D͟͟O͟͟ T͟͟H͟͟I͟͟S͟͟ Q͟͟U͟͟I͟͟Z͟͟✚

:iconnasexsavkifs: :iconthe-timerunner: :iconpumkinkiller777: :iconhypno-jack: :iconblacklenore: :iconfushigi-okami: :iconjojofanart: :iconkathythegoth:

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Art Trade: Sister Sister
Man, I LOVE and MISS the show! It was an awesome one indeed!

Anyway, this is my part of an art trade with :iconilikepony: featuring their two sister OCs, Roxanne & Rosalya.

I do apologize for taking a tad long on this trade dearie. Life has not been on my side in terms of leisure that I needed to draw.

Plus, my sketchpad was apparently soaked in the upper right corner due to me being in commute in rain and snow that has happened recently starting this month. I had to restart a few trades as a result, but have made some progress. Some had to do with cutting the soaked corner that left a mark out and resizing the image a little. To those who I owe art trades to, please know that I am indeed working on them still, regardless of the obstacles that blocked my path.

AionK23 sent you a W.I.P. of the outline. Waiting for approval.

Mad-Hatter-ison still sketching, starting to add faces and clothes.

Kaik-4The-WolfChi still sketching, starting to add face and clothes.

Mslayer01 Started sketch process. Needed to start on a new page, but was able to quickly catch up to where I left off.

4n1melover5ful still in starting sketch process. Needed to start on a new page, but drafting everything in light sketching.

XSebby-IntoxicationX sketching it and it's coming along.

Monochrome-Pastel I am outlining yours and will take time because of time that I don't have a lot of. But please know that it is being worked on and will try to send a W.I.P. as soon as I locate my Sketchbook that has yours in it. It isn't lost. I have a vague picturing of where it is.

If I forgot anyone that I owe pieces to, please comment or send me a note. I don't bite, I promise.

Tools used: Sketch Pad Paper, Sketch Pencil, Outlining pen with two sides featuring a thick and thin end, Colored Pencils that I tried blending together to get the right color, Whiteout to get the white roses that I missed on Roxanne's jacket & my SGS5 Phone Camera to take a picture and crop since I don't have a scanner of my own, so don't judge please.

I also wanted that practice shading on this one along with hand grips, which yes, I do need to work on, leg shapes from the top, the arms & hands.

Yes, critique, suggestions and tips are welcome, but please know that because I draw for fun, suggestions such as art classes, expensive books, expensive programs and anything else related I won't be able to do since life does indeed come first before hobbies. If you do decide to make a critique, suggestions or provide tips, please let me know at the beginning.

Otherwise, enjoy!

Roxanne & Rosalya (c) Ilikepony

Art (c) Me, HinataFox790

Don't Be Afraid

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 28, 2018, 4:01 PM
I've been unexpectedly blocked recently and I feel like there are things that I am not being told that I'm in the wrong for.

Majority of things, I know I'm in the wrong for, I apologize. But if there is something that I did that someone has blocked me for and I don't know what I did to make them do that, I won't know what to do and how to fix it.

I do not bite and I'm open to criticism. If I did do something that you believe was wrong, do not hesitate to come to me. I am very very nice and I am willing to listen and understand and take action for what needs to be worked on. I am quite serious when I say this. Please come to me instead of unexpectedly blocking me.

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:iconmanimatsu: has a New Years Deal going on and will be going back to normal prices soon, so get the sweet deal of commissions while you can! Their art is absolutely wonderful and sweet as candy! Here's the journal, Commissions | Info, Pricesterms of service | Waitlist ( OPEN  ) | Batches

Payment Methods:

I accept points and Paypal.


I know that my prices are high, and I can understand if you're not able to afford the prices. But please don't be rude and complain about them. I work hard on my artwork, and having the complaints thrown towards me is not nice.
If you commission me, and I accept it, please know that I can't get it done right away. I am a college sophmore and I'm often busy with college and other events at home, so I'm only able
Once that sale has ended, I'll request the old journal and share that one instead. They really patient, kind, sweet and I have commissioned before. I recommend highly! They're opened for commissions so please check them out and if you can, please consider commissioning them!!!!!

CandiedWhiteRabbit on Tumblr! This person is lovely to speak to and their art speaks volumes! I commissioned them and they are indeed awesome! They're opened for commissions so please check them out and if you can, please consider commissioning them!!!!!

General Current Events In My Country (Please Read)

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 22, 2018, 1:10 PM
So, a lot has happened recently in the country where I reside. I am not whining or ranting about social justice or anything of the sort. But this is important indeed.

To begin, the 22 year old Big YouTuber who is a SICK CHILD is officially banned from coming back to Japan. He has made several violations in the country and if he even lands there again, he is wanted by Japanese Police and he will be arrested. You took advantage of their non-violent and patience bucko. Now you live with the permanent consequences.

The government in the country I reside in is SHUT DOWN. Now, before number 45 became the current president, the government was shut down when President 44 (Who I liked better BTW) was in office. Soon to be number 45 criticized number 44 and called them a "Weak President". Now Number 45 is in and the Government is once again shut down. I am just laughing because that karma came back and did this. Who's the weak president now, 45? I'm just going to keep on laying low and watch from a far distance on how this individual is going to handle it. Already 2 days shut down.

This last segment I don't believe is as international news, but I do know that some UK news sites have been talking about it. I'll start at the beginning. A man and woman from West Virginia met one another at church. The woman and her 2 younger sisters apparently were sexually harassed by a family friend. The woman at 16 and the man at 23 decided to elope and move to Texas where they soon have a few children. They would lock the children in rooms, vents or closets and would rope them to their beds. They then moved to another Texas home and have more children. The children were also hogtied with rope and as soon as one escaped the rope, the parents then shackled the children to their beds with chains and padlocks. Apparently G-d called on them to have 13 children. The children were to have no contact with anyone else and they also slept all day and were up all night. They then moved to California. One home and then another. They would go to Disney Land and Las Vegas for vacation and renewing their wedding vows. At the house the children were supposedly home schooled and were chained to their beds. They only ate ONCE A DAY and they were allowed to shower ONCE A YEAR. Toys were in their boxes never opened. The children had nothing to play with. Apple pies and pumpkin pies were displayed in front of them and they weren't allowed to eat or touch them. If they washed their hands above their wrists, they would be punished. Then a 17 year old who looked like a 10 year old escaped the house at 5am and called the police with a deactivated cellphone. The police arrived and the children looked malnourished and they were indeed chained. The mother wanted a 14th child to have a reality TV show and to make millions and pay off the bankruptcy debt they are in. The father is said to take lewd actions on one of the children who was under 14. All 13 children were ages 2-29. I see the mother smiling and I am DISGUSTED. The 2 year old seemed well-fed and there were two dogs that were also well-fed. This is absolutely disgraceful. I honestly hope the adult children aren't mentally too far gone because of all this abuse because if they are, the abusive parents are going to be in even more problem. They ALMOST BROKE THEIR CHILDREN. HOW DARE THEY! I am disgusted by their actions and behavior! They won't get a reality show, they deserve a lifetime of suffering to the point where the mother's smile/smirk is wiped off her face PERMANENTLY. JUST DISGUSTING.

Sorry, I had to express my feelings. That is an art after all.


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When it comes to fanfictions, I rarely commission those. If I were to commission literature, I would only commission those who know the characters I wish to be written about well. Whether it be Sebastian from Black Butler and my OC Zara, or my OC, Sheera. The person would have to know the characters well.

Something EXTREMELY Important (Please Read)

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 9, 2018, 9:15 AM
This is something absolutely very very very important. When you go to Japan, no in fact, ANY COUNTRY AT ALL, you need to treat the culture, the surroundings, the citizens, the traditions, EVERYTHING with respect. This word has been used a lot of times. However, I have recently discovered someone, who went to Japan and shot footage of themselves acting like a crazy person there from mocking around, to role playing Pokemon Go in Pokemon jump suits and throwing big plush pokeballs at random things, cars & random citizens, to  shooting footage where they were caught by a Japanese Policeman to cut that out. That ISN'T even the worst part. Then this individual proceeds, on New Year's Eve, went to the well-known suicide forest in Japan, went off the path and filmed a deceased individual hanging from a tree and even though they had a body guard/tour guide who was Japanese with them as well, that DOES NOT give them the okay to film something heavily graphic, hurtful and disrespectful. They then proceed to LAUGH. TO LAUGH. They disrespected that individual, their family and friends and everyone around them. That behavior is downright DISGUSTING. You DO NOT DO THAT. Japan is a WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE and in my opinion, do not take this personally, going on vacation to ANY OF THE 50 STATES pales in comparison to an experience in Japan. I had to repeat to myself the rules before I went and asked to be reminded by my friends who went as well. These rules are very simple and easy to follow, believe it or not. If someone like me, who has made so many mistakes can follow these rules without being reprimanded, YOU CAN TOO.

So, no matter what country you go to, DO NOT FORGET that the number one rule is to treat THE CULTURE, THE TRADITIONS, THE SURROUNDINGS, THE CITIZENS, THE RULES AND EVERYTHING ELSE WITH  R E S P E C T.

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HinataFox790 has started a donation pool!
11,165 / 30,000
I will be using some of these points on a premium membership til hell freezes over status. I would also like to point commission others here on DA as well. I will also use them on others. I really could use some donations. If your page says "do not beg" then I won't do that. I would like some points to help me reach the goal that I am aiming for. PLEASE DONATE.


I am only able to buy points when I have a good amount of leftover change to transfer to my banking account which is NOT VERY OFTEN. on the day 12/16/2011 I made my first purchase of 400 points because I had a good amount of leftover money to place into my banking account. Same thing for the day 12/17/2011. Like I said, I can't always buy points which is why I am asking for donations. I may donate to some during my saving of points if I feel it's necessary. I'll give to others. But, don't spam me asking for points.

ALSO, I recently made some point adoptables. I am making them VERY cheap at only 5 points each.… And I will also critique to the best of my ability for points.


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Employment Dismissal

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 8, 2018, 11:00 AM
I was dismissed. I made errors and then took long on the task at hand when I tried to make fewer errors. I am ashamed of myself. I will commission down the line, but at this point, it will all be on hold except for a few.

I feel like an idiot who will never fit in the work society.

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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I LOVE Anime especially Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler. I love Sebastian lol. I am a kind person who draws for hobby and fun. I rarely get angry. I am kind, compassionate and caring and I like to help people. I do however make mistakes and errors just like every other human being. I'm not perfect. With that being said, here is something you should see in case you feel nervous about me.…

Favourite style of art: Japanese Anime and Manga
Wallpaper of choice: Anything with Horses, Foxes, Anime and Manga
Shell of choice: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Shell!! XD

Which Kuroshitsuji Character Would You Date?
Which Kuroshitsuji Character Would You Date?
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What Kuroshitsuji Character Are You?
What Kuroshitsuji Character Are You?
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What Anime Personality Are You?
What Anime Personality Are You?
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Some sweet deviants are doing rqs! 

Deviants that need exposure

If you can, please watch them and if you have the funds, please try and commission them. It would mean a lot to me.

Those who are on here, I am helping out in terms of commissions and exposure. Plus, because I can. :P

:iconmanimatsu: has a New Years Deal going on and will be going back to normal prices soon, so get the sweet deal of commissions while you can! Here's the journal, Commissions | Info, Pricesterms of service | Waitlist ( OPEN  ) | Batches

Payment Methods:

I accept points and Paypal.


I know that my prices are high, and I can understand if you're not able to afford the prices. But please don't be rude and complain about them. I work hard on my artwork, and having the complaints thrown towards me is not nice.
If you commission me, and I accept it, please know that I can't get it done right away. I am a college sophmore and I'm often busy with college and other events at home, so I'm only able
Once that sale has ended, I'll request the old journal and share that one instead. They really patient, kind, sweet and I have commissioned before. I recommend highly!

:iconastraljutto: This person is nice and easy to talk to. I love their semi-realistic pieces! Their commissions are opened!… :thumb519192390:

Nohra the shapeshifter by AstralJutto Black Butler, Ciel Phantomhive by AstralJutto RWBY Blake  by AstralJutto I will be commissioning them soon!

:iconlili-tomato: has amazing work as well and are opened for commissions! Check them out!

ciel phantomhive by lili-tomato Request:Japan and Germany from hetalia by lili-tomato Request:Naruto and Grayfia by lili-tomato

I'm also commissioning them as well!

:iconmrsracuchslav: has commissions open and their art is gorgeous! :thumb552684374: :thumb558022220:

:thumb479090374: :thumb543126710: :thumb558650037:

:iconpunineko-chan:'s commissions are now opened. Her works are outstanding and she is easy to talk to. I honestly love Kat for her kindness and awesome personality!

Baby Naughty List Contest by PuniNeko-Chan Commission Zara and Sebastian in kimonos by PuniNeko-Chan Purple Dream (Comm) by PuniNeko-Chan check her commissions out because she needs help! Commission Closed Limited slots! and Need PC Help!I'm opening up commissions again, I need money for a new computer. And I desperately need some help with my broken computer. The thing is that some days ago it completely stopped working and I got the error 0xc000000f. I've got some help from a nice computer guy from my old school, but he could not save anything from my hard drive, because it was the hard drive itself that was broken. But he said I might, if I'm lucky, be able to save something, if I manages to force the hard drive to open or something. I would be so extremely grateful if any of you guys know how to do it. The thing is that all my drawings, sketches, speedpaints, web comic, everything was on that computer. So I have lost absolutely everything I have made :iconcryforeverplz: even if any of you guys can't help me I really appreciate that you've read this anyway! Thank you!:heart: And I need some money to be able to buy a new computer. So I'll

:iconthanomluk: has beautious art! They did something really special for me and I am extremely grateful to them!!! Their commissions are opened! Check them out!!!…

Now I start to open Commission.Hello everyone ^_^
I want to say about I experenced my first commission. Nod
After I'm open my first commission I found a lot of good customers.
Someone try to support me,That very meaning to me. Hug
Especially :iconthrottlemcnab: She gave my dream come true,My dream job is to be illustration artist for Novel and I got very good news from her , My first illustration  for Novel has received a gold star in's January e-Book Cover Design Awards. :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce:
I can't thank you enough for all that she have done for me and I really want to Thank you very much for all my customers, They are so kind to me. Hug
Reason why I'm chang
Cloud by Thanomluk by thanomluk Kuroshitsuji band by thanomluk Zara and Black butler by Thanomluk by thanomluk I will be commissioning them soon!

:iconkatagro: is indeed opened for commissions! Their work is simply marvelous! Check out their commission widgets for details! Here's some of their beautiful work! Shylock / Prize by katagro Yuo-chan / Prize by katagro Stay strong HinataFox! by katagro I am in the process of commissioning them!

:iconseriiko: has commissions opened as well! Their stuff is indeed fabulous! Check them out!!! :thumb560991895: I am currently in the process of commissioning them!

:iconlocktea: is a seriously talented artist!!! They did this for me and their commissions are indeed opened!!!!! Check them out!!!…

:iconmisha426: is a deviant who is just starting out. They really put a lot of effort into their work. They are indeed opened for commissions. Check them out.…

They made this for me HinataFox790 Request Final by Misha426

:icongeekgirl8: is a sweetheart! Her commissions aren't opened at the moment, but when they are, they are to die for! Check her out!!! She is just so patient and kind!!!

:iconnobletanu: has $5 headshot commissions opened! His personality and art are fantastic!!! Please help him out!!! $5 Head Shots!I would love to practice some more with this style: 

Any Gender, Any Species! Slots unlimited for a time. Will Close when I think I have enough to play with ^.^
Comment to claim! <3
Tanu/Chinchi(c) NobleButlerSebastian/NobleCielPhantomhive
Lacies(c) Niaro
:iconnoblechinchi: is a sweet person as well! Their commissions aren't opened right now, but his art and personality are just as fantastic like Sebby's!!! Both of these guys also pull off their cosplays of Ciel and Sebastian in perfect harmony! It is simply marvelous!!! Please check them both out!!!

:iconfae-guts: is just too sweet of a guy! I think he is opened for commissions, but please ask him first! His pieces are fabulous as well and I encourage you to check them out!!:

:iconsunshinealways: is a wonderful cosplayer and is a very sweet person! I have met her at 3 conventions and she is a doll! She is just a sweetheart that pulls off an awesome Lizzie and a hard core Ciel!!!

:icondyrinda: I met and know in real life! They are currently selling Markiplier earrings and opened for commissions! To think I first met them on a forum and then in time got to know thim more!!! Check out his profile and his redbubble!!! I am currently commissioning him and he is just wonderful!!!!

Now... this friend of mine I actually know in real life and is someone on DA who knows me all too well. I have known her for 15 YEARS. She is my BFF in real life. She is currently working on a comic called, "Jeane" and I am her manager in terms of comics and keeping her on her toes. If you like horror and robots, then this comic is worth your time! SERIOUSLY. I strongly encourage you all to check her out because she is someone who I love, adore and she helps me whenever I need it or when I'm sad or she's sad, she comes to me and I come to her. I wouldn't trade her for the world and I am honestly grateful and blessed to have her in my life. A bond of 15 years can only prove that this BFF relationship will NEVER die. It is my greatest honor and privilege to introduce the author of the independent comic, "Jeane", :iconkonnichibot:! Please check her out!!!

Stamps and Page Dolls

wytchitoby 719656650

Tis the Season - HinataFox790 by The-TimeRunner Page Doll - Sheera by The-TimeRunner Sebastian and Zara by nyharu Black Page Doll by nyharu Zara Page Doll by nyharu Zara x Sebastian Halloween!! by nyharu RQ - OC and Sebastian Stamp by DuskyDeer Stamp Request no. 5 Student and Teacher by SuperMarioEmblem :thumb519761126: SebastianxZara Page doll by nyharu ZaraxSebastian Page Doll by nyharu Zara and Sebastian by nyharu Sebastian x Zara Xmas by nyharu Sebastian and Zara by nyharu Page Doll - HinataFox790 by The-TimeRunner Page Doll - Zara and Sebs by The-TimeRunner
Zara and Sabastian {Comm} by DarkRiderr14 C: Hinatafox790 by TheInZombiac

Zara/Sebastian Pagedoll Commission by Veynn

[C] Sebastian and Zara by Velsinte

Zara and Sebastian pixel doll by nyharu

^pagedoll made by Florierend

Commission: Zara and Sebastian by nasexsavkifs

Art credit goes to the following:

Sheera Pagedoll was commissioned by my Sweet and Wonderful friend, geekgirl8 and made by clover-teapot

The Chibi Sebastian Pagedoll was a surprising and stunning gift from my sweet friend, The-TimeRunner

Sheera Pagedoll number 2 was made by The-TimeRunner

Still pagedoll of Seb and Zara, Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler Book of Circus Sebastian and Zara Circus pagedolls, Seb and Zara Halloween pagedoll, Relationship Depiction pagedolls, Christmas and Chanukah Seb and Zara pagedolls Fullbody Seb and Zara Pixel Zara Sebastian in Kimonos minichibi Zara and Sebastian Pixel Doll nyharu Reasonable prices!

The Zara on top of Sebastian's head pagedoll The-TimeRunner Reasonable Prices too!!

Seb and Zara posing pagedoll, Fuure They have commissions opened! They're awesome!

Zara (yellow eyes) and Sebastian pagedoll orphanageofkarn

Small Seb and Zara static pagedoll DarkRiderr14

Seb and Zara huggle halfbody pagedoll TheInZombiac

Seb and Zara back to back pagedoll SaMelodii/Melodii-Comms

Circus Seb and Zara pagedoll Anima-Pentamana

Seb and Zara sitting back to back pagedoll Kuichuu

Seb behind Zara Pagedoll, marsh0llow

Sebastian and Zara bouncy pagedoll Apricotthevixen

Jumping Seb and Zara Pagedoll Kreative-Confusion

Seb and Zara Dance Pose Pagedoll Veynn

Seb and Zara Sitting side by side pagedoll, Velsinte

Seb and Zara Tea Time pagedoll, Florierend

Seb and Zara standing pagedoll, nasexsavkifs

Butler and mistress semi-chibi pagedoll, Rucchii

Seb and Zara Semi-chibi pose pagedoll wytchitoby

Seb and Zara Semi-chibi huggle pagedoll Sopheirion

Seb and Zara test pagedoll was a wonderful gift from VhiaLemon

Seb and Zara holding hands pagedoll thewrabbithole

Seb and Zara huggle big chibi pagedoll ASinglePetal

Seb and Zara floating right side up and upside-down pagedoll, SheilaCalhoun

Butler and mistress, student and teacher and fatherly figure and daughter fullbody pagedolls BenzeneFormaldehyde

Seb and Zara holding hands and huggle pagedoll Kiiryuin

Seb serving Zara tea pagedoll OginZ

Student and Teacher Pagedoll yandneko


Fatherly Figure and Daughter Stamp DuskyDeer

Student and Teacher Stamp SuperMarioEmblem

Butler and Mistress Stamp MerlesLittleSquirrel


Zara Lionsdale Button AsakuraMei they're really good!!!

Zara and relationship buttons ButtonCreator

Everything here is for my personal use ONLY. Do not use unless you have my permission. Thank you!

Nintendo World Runs Process and Rules

Nintendo World runs

For Purchases

1. You have to send the required payment in full. Unless we can negotiate something. Otherwise, FULL PAYMENT PLEASE.

2.You have to pay for shipping.

3. You have to agree to pay a $7 fee. This is because I take public transportation to Nintendo World and it's NOT free.

4. Once I purchased your NW merchandise, absolutely NO REFUNDS.

For Trades

1. If you're willing to offer a company-made plushie/merchandise that is of equal value to the requested merchandise AND it is something I am interested in, I'm in. I also accept custom-made plushie(s) as well, but I have to look through your gallery to see what you can do. Quality is also a particular thing with me. So, if I don't accept your proposed trade, PLEASE do not take it personally. I also accept other forms of art trades (like digital pieces or anything related). HOWEVER, I am even more strict on the quality of the digital art or related. So, as I said before, if I don't accept your proposed trade, PLEASE DO NOT TAKE IT PERSONALLY.

2. We pay for our own shipping. Basically, I pay to ship your stuff off to you and you pay to ship my stuff to me. If I accept your digital art/related proposal, I will figure something out.

3. If we do a trade, there will be no $7 fee. This is because I will be getting something I want from the trade.

4. Once a trade has been confirmed, there is no turning back. If you feel like you can't make something or you can't give up something, you will have to Offer me something else of equal value to my half of the trade. If it's a custom plushie trade, tell me 5 characters/styles that you would be willing to plushify for me. PLEASE keep my interests in mind. I am NOT a brony. Yes, I watch mlp fim and I do commission ponies from time to time if it is something I'm really gunning for. Ask me my interests before choosing your 5 characters/styles. Otherwise, you can switch to purchasing the merchandise, pay for shipping and pay the $5 fee. Failure to do any of this will result in a permanent ban from these runs. You won't be able to get anything from the store through me.

Things to Keep in Mind

Requests/Art Trades/Commissions

Requests are ONLY OPENED FOR FRIENDS ONLY. This means you have to get to know me/watch me for a period of time. if you are someone who just happened to come on my page and you post a comment or note me asking for a request and you can't give me :points:, then you get ONE and ONLY ONE request. After that, you have to :points: commission me. I also offer requests to people if I feel the need to. :iconrequestfriendsonly:

Commissions are opened, but I can turn down one if I feel I can't draw it. But if you like my style and you want me to try to draw something I never drew before, I may make an exception. :iconpointcommissionsopen:

Ask Me About Art Trades. If you trust my art style we can do one. However, PLEASE keep in mind that I am a little particular and that I may decline an art trade if it doesn't interest me. Please DO NOT take it personally if I decline. :icontradesask:

If you are new to me, before you ask for an art trade, look at my stuff. If you are willing to trust in me and my art style, then okay, we can do one.


I have a lot of stuff for sale at the moment! Come on in, take a look around and if your interested in something Please comment! :D

The only forms of payment I can accept are Well-Concealed Cash (BUT PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THAT YOU ARE SENDING IT AT YOUR OWN RISK. I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE IF THE MONEY GETS LOST IN THE MAIL.) and Money Order.

PayPal is now accepted.


Users I want to commish or win plushies from in the Near Future

:iconashfantastic: :iconbeanchan: :iconchibi-katie: :iconcraftybird: :iconfox7xd: :icongamef0x: :iconkitamon: :iconlexiipantz: :iconluciuslawliet: :iconrobo-shark: :iconmeip: :iconpatchwork-shark: :iconmiharuthekunoichi: :iconmoonlightxangel268: :iconmysticproductions: :iconneon-juma: :iconnikicus: :iconshadottie: :iconpeacefluffles: :iconwhittykitty: :iconrenealexa: :icons2plushies: :iconsaiyamewome: :iconsaritycreations: :iconsewcuteplushies: :iconyukizeal: :iconzmagicstorm: :iconwhimzicalwhizkerz: :iconthrenodi: :iconsarahsplushnstuff: :iconcaffwin: :iconplushprincess: :iconsophillia: :iconpiplup501: :iconsweetplushiecake: :iconmihijime: :iconthewrabbithole: :iconstarshineplush:

If I watch you and you are a plushinista and do not see yourself on here let me know!

The Sweetest Pieces……

:iconfuure: is seriously a high quality artist who is seriously off the charts in talent! I commissioned these pieces from him and I love it to pieces! :love:

Request for HinataFox790 ! =) by Inertiefreedom


Sebastian and Zara by nyharu

:iconnyharu: Only opens up for PageDoll/PixelDoll or anything pixel commissions, I asked her if I could commission her a digital piece. She warmly said yes to me and got this rare beauty! I was an acception and I can't thank her enough! ^w^

COMMISSION: Within the Devil's Clutch by rinfiora

:iconrinfiora: someone who rarely does CanonxOC commissions took mine on and she gave me a desktop version that I currently use on my laptop. I love the commission she did for me. She really has beautiful work. ^^

Commission for HinataFox790 by Hoshino-Arashi

:iconhoshino-arashi: is an artist that rinfiora forwarded me to when I wanted another Zara and Seastian piece from her. I am very particular when it comes to suggestions from others. They needed to have a digital Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler piece already drawn/do a rough sketch of a Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler character. Hoshino had the examples including a couple with Sebastian with OCs. So I commissioned her the piece above and I love it. She captured my OC, Zara and everything. She was the right deviant that Luna suggested for me. ^^

X-Mas Gift: Encountering the Vampire Lord by geekgirl8 Treetop Snuggle by geekgirl8 C: Are You Thinking What I'm Thinking~? by geekgirl8 C: Double Date by geekgirl8 Thank You by geekgirl8 You like when I do this.... by GG-8

:icongeekgirl8: & :icongg-8: OH MY GAWD!!! SHE IS A WONDERFUL PERSON, A FANTASTIC FRIEND (I hope to meet her someday XD), AND A SERIOUSLY HIGH QUALITY ARTIST! My OC, Sheera sees her OC's Kenneth and Sawyer as her big brother and sister (or family friends since her parents died when she was very young). She is seriously fantastic! I LOVE LADY-MEL!!!! ^^


:icontetsuya-akira: Is simply a wonderful deviant! They are kind and sweet and very talented! Their piece that they made for me simply made my eyes sparkle!!! ^.^

Zara and Sebastian request by Kauu

:iconkauu: Is really awesome when it comes to realistic pieces! They are awesome, funny and overall talented! Thanks for doing this for me sweetheart!!! :D

Commission by lovedreams

:iconlovedreams: is a wonderful artist and individual who did this for me and I am so thankful that I commissioned her! She is very friendly! Please check her out!!! :D

Request: Sebastian and Zara Lionsdale (OC) by Morphicelus

:iconmorphicelus: is a sweet and kind deviant who filled an empty promise request. She gave me something that filled a void that took me 4 days to climb out of. I was basically in a pool of tears for that long. Thank you sweetheart so much... :huggle:



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